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Your Councillors


Ian Rawlinson (Chair);

Sam Alston (Vice Chair);

Sylvia Jenkinson;

Bruce Carter;

Geoff Smith

Vacancy x 2



Carolyn Trafford


Cheshire East Council ChALC View Planning Applications



Please contact the Clerk in the first instance for all enquiries


Clerk - bosley-pc @ outlook.com


or use the contact form below


Next Parish Council Meeting Tue 28th Jan 2020  @ 7:30 Bosley Methodist Chapel Hall

These meetings are open to all - so please feel free to come along



PC Meeting Minutes General PC documents
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Council Transparency Information




We currently have vacancies for two Parish Councillors. 

Councillors represent the community of Bosley and help manage the community assets (e.g. playground, bus shelter, Community speedwatch equipment etc), campaign on issues affecting the village (e.g broadband), comment on planning applications, help to develop neighbourhood plans, decide on grants for village purposes and much more.

If you are interested in joining the Parish Council please contact the Clerk (see contact details on the left) for more information.


Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on  

Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 7:30pm at


 Members of the Bosley Parish Council are summoned to attend  

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend


1.TO RECEIVE apologies


2.TO SIGN & APPROVE minutes of last meeting – 28th January 2020


3.Planning Matters

a. To REVIEW historical planning applications



a.To NOTE police report

b.To NOTE CHALC report

c.Email from Staffs Climate Change.

d.To REPORT on Selecta DNA allocation (IR)



a.To DISCUSS progress on bank account transfer (CT).



6.Council Assets

a.To REPORT on outstanding marquee payment (IR) and to CONFIRM compensation has been made to land owners for previous storage of the marquee (BC).

b.TO UPDATE on progress of gate hinges for playground (GS).

c.TO UPDATE – IR/GS to report on phone box electricity situation.

d.To DISCUSS the purchase of an event shelter.


7.Neighbourhood Plan

a.To DISCUSS progress on recruitment of parishioners.


8.TO APPROVE items for payment:

a.Clerks Wages & Expenses TBC

b.Gate Hinge? (GS)


9.Reports from Associated meetings



10.Traffic Issues

a.    To REPORT on next steps for speed camera group (IR).

b.To REPORT on playground to Lake footpath.



11.TO NOTE date of the next meetings:


28th April 2020

June 2020?

August 2020/September 2020?

October 2020?

December 2020?