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Your Councillors


Ian Rawlinson (Chair);

Sam Alston (Vice Chair);

Sylvia Jenkinson;

Bruce Carter;

Suzanne Revill

Vacancy x 2



Carolyn Trafford


Cheshire East Council ChALC View Planning Applications



Please contact the Clerk in the first instance for all enquiries


Clerk - bosley-pc @ outlook.com


or use the contact form below


Next Parish Council Meeting (Annual Meeting) Wed 22nd May 2019 @ 7:30 Bosley Methodist Chapel Hall

These meetings are open to all - so please feel free to come along



PC Meeting Minutes General PC documents
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Council Transparency Information



Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on  

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 7:30pm at


 Members of the Bosley Parish Council are summoned to attend  

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend


1.TO VOTE on the appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair


2.TO RECEIVE apologies


3.TO SIGN & APPROVE minutes of last meeting – 6th March 2019


4.To VOTE on the possible Co-opting of Geoff Smith to the council committee.  


5.Election Update

a.To ensure Expenses Forms are completed.

b.To NOTE Stan Swindell’s resignation from council.


6.Planning Matters

a.TO APPROVE planning applications 19/2354M

b.TO APPROVE planning applications 19/2348M

c.TO APPROVE planning applications 19/2339M

d.TO APPROVE planning applications 19/2341M

e.TO APPROVE planning applications 19/2342M

f.TO AGREE authority for the Parish Clerk to respond on the same basis to identical applications for the remaining locks without further consultation.



a.TO AGREE proposal to sign chapel room hire agreement with side letter or to seek new meeting venue.

b.TO NOTE - Police Report.


8.Council Assets

a.To AGREE 2018/19 Accounts.

b.TO AGREE suitable storage for marquee and stalls

c.TO AGREE marquee hire agreement

d.TO UPDATE – Playground inspection & Chippings – SJ and discuss Playground Report

e.TO UPDATE - repairs to southern Bus Shelter – SA

f.TO AGREE - Phone box action plan required.   Update SA/SS

g.TO UPDATE – Dog fouling issue and signs - SJ


9.Neighbourhood Plan




a.Highways issues


11.TO APPROVE items for payment:

a.Bosley Methodist Church – Room Hire - £125

b.Parish Clerk Wages & Expenses - £584.17

c.CHALC membership Subscription - £128.88

d.ROSPA play safety - £86.40

e.Membership of Cheshire Community Action – £20


12.Reports from Associated meetings





a.TO PROPOSE date of the next meeting