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Bosley Church and Community News- June 2018

By Bosley Village, Jun 17 2018 09:07PM

May and June are busy months, and by the time the June magazine is out we will already have enjoyed the Male Voice Choir concert in church. The church was full for this very enjoyable concert with the new young musical director and a very talented young soloist and the programme contained a wide variety of songs. The Royal Wedding Fun Day – Harry’s Hoe Down on The Green and Ising POP concert with all the school children participating are also events in May. Reports on these last two will be in the July magazine. There will be a Safari Supper on Saturday 30th June. This is always a very enjoyable event. Tickets from church members. The main event in June is our Rose Queen Fete and Fell Run of 16th June with the Rose Queen Service in church on the 17th. See the Flyer and all the details below.

Millie Booth, one of this year’s Rose Queens, goes on to Eaton Bank in September, she belongs to a gymnastic club where she goes each week, and also looks after her two gerbils and takes their dog, Elvis for walks with her eight year old sister.

Hollie Brunt is the other Rose Queen and she has another year at St. Mary’s School. She has two older brothers one who is at Eaton Bank and the other at Rease Heath. They have a cocker spaniel and a horse, Bella, and Hollie plays netball on Thursdays and is in the under eleven team as a defender.

Rhys Williams, one of the Rose Kings, has an annoying little brother!, one dog, three guinea pigs, plays rugby union with the Macclesfield club and also plays the cello.

Jack Worrall, the other Rose King, lives on the family farm. He has another year at St. Mary’s school. He thinks he might be a farmer when he grows up and at present likes helping with the sheep and cows and particularly driving the various machines including the tractor, digger and dumper truck.

The Royal Retinue

Retiring Rose Queen – Scarlett Squire. Lady in Waiting – Laura Hall

Attendants – Bethany, Grace Lillie, Grace Conibere, Kimberley, Alanna and Elsie

Retiring Rose King – Oliver Revill

Rose Queens –Millie Booth and Hollie Brunt

Ladies in Waiting – Emily Moffitt, Niamh Lake and Alayah Bennifer and Farah Squire

Rose Kings – Rhys Williams and Jack Worrall

Men at Arms – Alex Hardie and Bailey and Seth

Attendants – Evie Booth, Violet Booth, Olivia Egan and Sophia Egan

Stacey Quinn, jasmine Mollart, Edie Kidd and Harriet Woodward.

Crown Bearers – Evan Lovatt and Lennie Woodward.

Church Banner – Archie Kidd

Rose Queen Banner – Andrew Davies and Joseph Finnegan.

Trumpeters – Milo and Tayler

Swordsmen – Eddie and Fraser

Band Leaders – Stanley and Mathew, Drummers – Macauley, Jenson and Oscar S.

Flag Bearers – Oscar P. and Ted

Flower Girls – Grace Carter, Faye and Elizabeth

Country Dancers – Allayah Bennifer, Milllie Booth, Niamh Lake, Emily Moffitt, Hollie Brunt, Farrah Squire, Evie Booth, Bethany Davies, Jessica Rawlinson, Elizabeth Finnegan and Olivia Egan

Dickie Bows – Evan Lennie, Archie, Andrew, Joseph, Milo Tayler, Edie, Fraser, Stanley, Mathew,

Macaulay, Jenson. Oscar S., Oscar P., and Ted

As usual we will always be looking for helpers both on the day of the fete and beforehand. For those who have moved into the village more recently this is a good opportunity to get to know other people and find what a friendly community we all are. The following help is needed: labelling and sorting in school and setting up stalls, marques, etc - from 3pm and again from 6pm on Friday 16 June, laying out items on stalls from 10.30am on the day, manning stalls from 1pm, breaking down stalls etc. from 5/5.30pm after fete.

The Rogation Service was held up at Wincle this year, one of the wonderful sunny days we have been enjoying and we were able to have part of the service outside. Afterwards a group of us set off for a walk, not round the parish boundaries but up over the hills then down to the river, where we picnicked, and then up to Blaze Farm for a welcome ice cream. See the photo.

The plans for making the church more available to all for lots of different activities is now going ahead and a letter, “Space to Grow”, has gone out to everyone as we look for support as this is very much something that will add an important facility to our wonderful village.

It may not be widely known in the village, but there is a defibrillator outside Bobkins. We hope it is never needed.

Broads Adventure

Nicola Ratcliffe was one of the skippers over the Easter break with the West Runton Holiday Organisation which take youngsters on a Broads Adventure. Nicola looked after four boys between the ages of 11-14 on her boat.

Our week on the Broads was spent mostly in the mist, but with great winds, learning together about sailing but also life skills, communication skills and God. We had six Broads cruisers and a Half decker with 34 kids and 11 Skippers. The cold and mist did not put us off, we started the week with a miracle of fitting the Martham boats under Potter bridge with only 5’5foot of air space. The sailing all week was great thanks to good winds not too strong but enough to get the boats moving, we had good sails on Barton, Horsey, Malthouse and fun in the dinghies on Womack. We managed some fancy in line sailing, as well as fun tacking up rivers and mooring in the reeds. A walk to the beach on the Friday where we saw the length of the beach covered in seals basking in the sun. At the beach we had quiet time and prayer and thanks for the week, as well as making some excellent sand castles. Chores as always had to be done, making dinner and cleaning the boats the inspection was a close-run thing with High Seas just taking the prize. The testimonies that we received on the final squash together of how the week has brought them closer to God and stays with them for the next year, ‘a real spiritual highlight’ in their year. The good winds had meant the days were spent sailing and enjoying he beauty of the Norfolk Broads. We also had a Half decker dinghy that we all took turns sailing over the course of the week, the fun we had zipping around the broads and the opportunity for teaching sailing was great for the crew. The week spent sailing and living together brought a brilliant sense of fellowship between all the people on the cruise, skippers and crew alike.

Youth Club Programme

Monday, June 4th Crazy Races, Lakeside

Monday, June 11th Scavenger Hunt

Monday, June 18th Football Tournament

Monday, June 25th Bosleyfest

Monday July 2nd Bosley’s Got Talent – Talent Show

St. Mary’s Church Services at 9.30am; - unless stated otherwise

Preacher Sidesman Reading Flowers

June 3rd 10.30 Kim Q-W Service at Sutton St. James

June 10th 9.30 John Harries Alison Tottle Jane NIxon Sylvia Jenkinson

June 17th 10.00 Kim Q-W Jane Gilman Rose King and Queen Marion Ward

June 24th 9.30 Ivan Whinton Neil Wain Samuel Wain June Hague

July 1st 9.30 John Harries Joan Dowse Bill Dowse

Chapel Services at 11.00

Preacher Flowers

June 3rd Revd. Tony Tagg – Holy Communion Mrs. Ruth Needham

June 10th Sylvia Harrison Mr. P. Shuker

June 17th 10.00 Rose Queen Service at St. Mary’s Church

June 24th Alec Needham Mrs. D. Walton

July 1st Revd. Tony Tagg – Holy Communion

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