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Bosley Church and Community News - February 2019

By Bosley Village, Feb 4 2019 07:44PM

Christmas is over and our New Year Resolutions and we have the dark days of February to get through, however there are events and things to look forward to. Below is a request for individuals to get involved with the history and heritage of the village, a new web site for the church is being created, Bobkins have a Bingo evening and on February 10th the church celebrates Plough Sunday when the plough is blest and sometimes a lamb if we can get one, and we remember our farming community as the season progresses.

Our condolences to the Done family on the death of Maureen Done, a long Bosley resident. Her funeral was on 21st January at St. Mary’s Church.

Easter is late this year on the 21st April so the weekly Lent lunches will start on 6th March at the vicarage in Wincle and on the 13th it will be at Blaze Farm. The one in Bosley and at the chapel will be later in the month, details next month.


The windows have now been replaced at the front of our school, so the rebuilding the main gable end is now finished and the school should be good for another 160 years.

We had been concerned for sometime about the state of that gable end wall. It was bowed out, and there were cracks in the stone mullions. That wall carries the weight of the school bell tower, which added to our concern.

We called in a structural engineer for advice, who said the wall needed supporting with immediate effect! And it needed to be taken down to the floor and rebuilt!

A major job! As a listed building it had to be taken down brick by brick and rebuilt to look the same as it did before. We think "Maysands" the company that did the work, have done a really good job.

When taking the wall down and they got to the top of window they found the cause of the problem. The wooden beam over the window carrying the inner skin of the wall was perished and disintegrating. This allowed the inner skin of the wall to move which cracked the mullions carrying the outer skin.

As we know the wall had been like that for many years, and we, like many of you, wondered whether we should have "left well alone"!

Having seen the state of the beam that was taken out, the cracked mullions, and considered the weight of the bell tower they were carrying we feel we made the right decision.

Alec Needham.

School Governor

Bobkins are holding a Charity Bingo Evening

Thursday, 7th February, at The Knot Rushton

Eyes down at 7pm

All proceeds to Bosley Bobkins Preschool and Bosley Youth Club

For further details please contact 01260 222993

Youth Club

February 4th Volley Ball Tournament

February 11th Talent Show

February 18th Spring Break – no youth club.

Susanne is training for the London Marathon so volunteers may be needed to help occasionally when she is training.

Bosley's Millennium Project

As a millennium project, instigated by Richard & Christian Bass, Bosley raised money to build a school in Gambia. There were different fund raising events, I think we had a dinner and charity auction at the Boars Leigh restaurant, just one event that I remember. The building of the school was done in conjunction with "Schools For Gambia" a charity set up by Mae Winterton [Mae's family are local sawdust merchants]

On Sunday 13th Jan, Mae came to Bosley's united Church service which this month was at the Chapel and told us about the work of the charity. The Gambian school which we helped to build, is in the village of Madina Mannen is called "Bosley School". It was planned for around 90 pupils, but pupils came from neighbouring villages and they now have over 600 pupils [the government have put in money to build extra classrooms]

From the late 1990s, Gambia has gone through a period of political turmoil and it was difficult to keep lines of communication open, but 4 years ago democracy has been restored and things are much better. In this improved situation Bosley School in Gambia are keen to reconnect with the village who gave them their school.

Through that difficult time Mae and the charity have kept on working, they have now built over twenty village schools in Gambia, and dug or repaired even more wells to provide clean drinking water. Mae stressed that through it all they felt God's hand guiding them and helping them. The story she shared with us was truly inspirational.

Thank you Mae for coming to tell us about the wonderful work you and "Schools for Gambia" are doing.

St. Mary’s Church Services at 9.30am; - unless stated otherwise

Preacher Sidesman Reading Flowers

Feb 3rd 9.30 Holy Communon

Revd. Ivan Whinton Joy Collis Tom Collis

Feb 6th 10.00 Praise and Play for carers and tots with Kim Q-W

Feb 10th 10.30 Plough Sunday for all four parishes

Revd. Kim Q-W Bill Dowse Jane Gilman

Feb 17th 9.30 Family Service

Revd. Phil Williams Jenny Ratcliffe Jane Nixon

Feb 24th 9.30 Holy Communion

Revd. Ivan Whinton James Massey Rosemary Massey

Mar 3rd 9.30 Holy Communion

Revd. Ivan Whinton Dorothy Gilman Alison Tottle

Mar 6th 10.00 Praise and Play with Kim

Chapel Services at 11.00


Feb 3rd Revd. Tony Tagg – Holy Communion

Feb 10th 10.30 @ Wellspring

Feb 17th Harold Mellor

Feb 24th Alec Needham

Mar 3rd Revd. Tony Tagg – Holy Communion

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