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Bosley Church & Community News April 2020

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Janet Spiers-Alston died suddenly on 21st March and will be greatly missed by Sam, Charlotte and Abi and all her many friends. She was a very loyal person and a great mother.

Janet was someone who grasped life, was a life force, and lived every moment to the full, she committed herself completely to whatever she was involved in and seemed to excel, but she still had time for family and friends and included them. She hated conflict and suffering and was generous to a fault giving particularly to children’s charities.

To list all her talents and achievements would take too long, but a few include her enjoyment of all sports particularly on the water where she was a good canoeist winning the waterside series in 1994; a raft racer, both as an individual and with a team winning the 100 mile raft race on the River Wye and twice won the British Championships. She was a good cyclist always cycling to work and avoiding the traffic jams, and won many time trials, both club and open, and cycled the length of New Zealand in 1994. She loved smart cars and was an excellent driver and a fast one but only had five cars in 40 years, all in good condition when sold. She also enjoyed dancing.

She loved travel, spoke many languages and was fluent in Spanish and loved the big blue open skies of the plains in Spain and the mountains in Scotland and the Isles, swimming with dolphins and seals, and the many other places around the world visited. This year there was a skiing trip and an action packed weekend in Rome and there were plans to cycle the Camino de Santiago and a trip to the Isle of Man. She hated the grey, dull, dreary days and would always get out for a bit whatever the weather.

She worked for one company throughout her working life, first as a student with ICI and then through its many name changes, Zeneca and Astra Zeneca, very organised with systems and spreadsheets and at home with a place for everything.

Some of the tributes in the cards Sam received include, honest, loyal, fun, enthusiastic, loving, caring, humorous, joke teller, fell racer organiser par excellence, true team player, kind, welcoming, bright and beautiful spirit. People like her don’t come often.


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